WEEE and the role of the AATF

Sometimes, when considering WEEE and IT disposal, people question staff at AER on the role of the AATF.

The acronym AATF stands for Approved Authorised Treatment Facility. An AATF has an environmental permit, waste management license or registered exemption for carrying out treatment to WEEE. This would include activities such as disassembly, depollution and preparation for disposal.

In Northern Ireland, AATF status is issued by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA).

An ATF receives its WEEE direct from a designated collection facility (DCF) or a producer compliance scheme (PCS). A PCS requires the evidence notes to prove that a certain amount of WEEE has been recycled, recovered or treated.

In 2009, changes to UK legislation mandated that an AATF can issue evidence for compliance when it receives WEEE, which is either destined for treatment or reuse. This means, that the evidence for compliance can be issued prior to the recycling, treatment or recovery. And it moves the burden of meeting recycling targets etc., from a given producer compliance scheme, to the AATF.

So in order to ensure everything is working to plan, quarterly reports and independent audits have been mandated. Data which is misreported or inaccurate can lead to the suspension or cancellation of AATF status. AER is fully compliant in this respect.

You can verify for yourself the AATF status of All Electrical Recycling Ltd at the following public register: